Let's Learn AyurvedA

Have you had an opportunity to learn about Ayurveda and felt an invitation to learn more? Perhaps even a notion that the concepts felt familiar?

That happened for me too. And now I have created an experience of Ayurveda, oriented for clinicians who are busy in their practice who would like to feel revitalized and learn about this ancient healing system without taking a long break from working.

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Practical Tools to Apply Ayurveda in Your Life

Cultivating health and vitality in your body supports the work you feel called to do in this world.

Ayurveda is a system of principles derived from insight over thousands of years of observation of how humans get sick, healed and live fulfilled lives. ,

So much more than nutritional recommendations like golden milk (though valuable), it offers a window of insight into our connection between our interior world and exterior influences. 

Continue your journey of life-long learning, and benefit both personally and professionally as you incorporate the principles of Ayurveda in this unique experience. 

Next class starts spring 2021

Nuture Your Body & SOul

Ancient formulas for timeless healing

Join Us

Join this community of clinicians who are on a path to depth in the creation of health. Through cultivating both personal health and professional health, we are finding our niche in medicine outside of the pathways that were defined for us. 

By learning these principles, we can reach new areas of understanding on how self-healing begins though experiential and introductory lectures in Ayurveda. The contributors to this pathway are guiding a new generation of healers to rise in themselves to serve those who need healing. 

Two Ways
to Work Together

Ways to Work Together

1:1 Mentoring

Group mentoring

We create a process just for you to develop a strategy of bringing Ayurveda to both your life and your practice.  This can include strategic planning for an Integrative Medicine practice. 

Join a group of your peers for a process of deep transformation. Connect and build a network with people who are changing their lives. 

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life Blossoms Again 

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Starting July 26  and continuing for total of 12 weeks. 
4 weekly components (all virtual at this time) that will include:  

Focused Learning


that optimizes with your schedule

Yoga class (50 min)

Mindfulness session (30 min)

Prerecorded learning material (30 min)

Group coaching session to review lecture principles and apply to individual growth goals (90 min) 

Limited to 8 participants 
Read on to see more detail 


Weekly connection

What is Included in the 12 week group Mentoring Journey?

Community for Transformation

Weekly Meet Ups

What is Included in the group Mentoring Journey?


   Discussions will cover 
         Introduction to 5 Elements 
         Purpose of Ayurveda
         Principles of Dinacarya                    (daily self-care routine)  
         Synergy between 6 Lifestyle
            Medicine pillars and
            Ayurvedic self care routines
         Ayurvedic constitution
         Sushruta Samhita 15.38
            Definition of Health and
            framework of dosha, dhatu,
            agni, mala within this    



Weekly instruction will include the following 
       Prerecorded class lecture content
       90 min zoom style class for coaching and review of pre-recorded
 Lecture will cover the following:




Weekly instruction to include:
 < Prerecorded class lecture
 < 90 min live-class for coaching 
        and and review of concepts

>  Introduction to 5 Elements 
>  Prakruti/Vikruti paradigm
>  Principles of Dinacarya (daily self-care routine)  
>  Synergy between lifestyle medicine pillars and
>  Ayurveda self care routines
>  Purpose of Ayurveda 
>  Shushutras Definition of Health and framework
   of dosha, dhatu, agni, mala within this 

Weekly VIRTUAL yoga classes with replay available    




Classes will be a blend of asana (position), pranayama (breath), mantra (sounds), mudra (hand positions)
Themes present in the classes to support self awareness and lessons
Available for any skill level 

*Adjustments can be advised for physical ailments if teacher is notified prior to the class

Classes may have different instructors who have different backgrounds
Themes will be present in the classes to support self awareness 
No meditation or mindfulness experience needed to participate  



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Weekly virtual mindfulness sessions with replay available 

8 additional BONUS classes have been arranged to give an introduction to principles and practices of Ayurveda in experiential way. The exact content of these classes will be determined based on each groups interests and seasonal needs. 

Review here to learning more about what some of those options are. 

that you will be "experiencing"

here are some elements

the experience of 
Ayurveda is essential 

Crystal singing bowls are played while providing a harmonious environment for deep relaxation. 
When combined with breath-work (pranayama) prior to meditation, there is opportunity for deep relaxation. 

these BEAUTIFUL sounds

i could not imagine...

Experience Singing Bowl meditation

On any given day, woman are placing hundreds of chemicals on their bodies though their personal care routine. When we think about this from an Ayurvedic perspective, this is extra "work" for the body to process. Learn to make this vegan rose body butter cream to nourish your senses and your body. 

bath and Body
care products

make you own

Nourishing Self-Care

The kitchen is one our primary sources of health in the integrative and ayurvedic medical model. Classes will include seasonal options to support optimal vitality in the kitchen. 

Classes will include recipe demonstration and resources for high quality botanicals and cooking supplies. Bring your favorite recipes to the group to find Ayurvedic adjustments. 

The Kitchen 

tend the fire

Nutrient Vitality

With COVID 19, physicians are experiencing unprecedented challenges in their practices. And this is in the setting where there was already a concern of increased stress.  Clinicians feel constrained by time and not being able to offer the care that they know would best serve patients.

Now is the time to search out and use the timeless principles in Ayurveda that can sustain and support resilience and vitality. And  do this in connection to others working through similar issues. 

In this course, it we will look at mindset work as found in Lifestyle Coaching but also how to manage to the status of the doshas and agni to create space for a natural awareness on how to stay healthy and return to health when we are out of balance. 


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...it's hard to find someone who understands the Journey.

While working in an insurance based medical practices, Dr. Siri Chand began to see how offering lifestyle measures in a group based format could allow for scaling and implementation of valuable knowledge about the pillars of lifestyle medicine that can then be refined within Ayurveda. In this introductory  journey, you are provided with insight about how Ayurveda would tailor lifestyle medicine based on Ayurvedic principles. Tailored just for you in this time and space. 



Learning a new medical system takes time

Based on my study Ayurveda while staying current as an Internal Medicine in primary care, I began to understand the ways in which the high yield recommendations offered in Lifestyle Medicine could be refined within Ayurveda to offer focused changes.

All the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine can be supported within Ayurveda are: 
  01: Plant-based eating
  02: 8 hours of restorative sleep
  03: 150 minutes/week moderate exercise 
  04: Meaningful connection with people 
  05: Daily relaxation time to lower stress
  06: Not smoking

I have been so grateful for the wisdom that is offered through these timeless teachings and gathered relevant high yield elements for our time together. I have personally seen that when applying these principles to our own lives, clinicians can have renewed vitality to do the work we feel called to do

MEET Dr Siri Chand Khalsa MD


I've lived the problems & I've lived the solutions

I was first introduced to Ayurvedic principles while in college in 1991 when I developed health challenges. The invitation to learn in more depth has continued since then and I am daily grateful. At that time, the principles held within this healing pathway sustained my life in such a powerful way that I even began to question my decision to become an allopathic doctor. 

Ultimately I decided to get a Master’s Degree and go through allopathic training however not before I had investigated other options in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Naturopathy and Ayurveda. As I searched the schools at that time, I realized that adding the depth of modern science would only enhance my understanding of these ancient principles. 

I completed a residency at Mayo Clinic in Internal Medicine in 2005 and moved to the southwest of the United States to learn from leaders in the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. Contributing as a guest lecturer in the fellowship enhanced my understanding of the unique depth and issues that Integrative Medicine providers have. 

After working primarily in Hospice and Palliative Medicine I left my allopathic clinical practice from 2011-2015 to study Ayurveda with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque NM and at his Pune, India education center. After gaining board certification in Integrative Medicine I worked in an insurance based integrative primary care practice and left in 2018 to work on creating a lifestyle and culinary medicine clinical center of excellence. 

Enter COVID and plans have changed. After getting several ill with influenza A and pneumonia in early February, 2020, I doubled down on my Ayurvedic self care program and found such wealth of infomration again around creating and maintaining vitality that I decided to be open to mentoring others physicians interested in learning. And that’s how we got here together. Now. In this time. 

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"Siri Chand's palpable mission to share her love and knowledge of Ayurveda and food and medicine paired with her keen ability to support one's passionate pursuit of life defines her as a true healer." 

Kerilyn BollmanN MD
Creator Vital Medicine for the Soul


Grew her integrative medicine practice



“Siri Chand has an innate ability to combine ancient wisdom and modern medicine and engage with individuals in a unique and transformative way. She seamlessly provides education and individualized care while exemplifying best practices, allowing one to receive what good medicine should truly encompass.” 

Amy Ingersoll PA-C, MMS, FOMA 
Obesity Medicine Specialist 
Forte: Empowered well-BEing Center


Creating Her ideal Obesity Medicine practice 

"I’ve known Dr. Siri Chand as a colleague and friend for 15 years, and I truly admire her passion for learning and using the principles of Ayurveda with her clients and herself. As a fellow Integrative Medicine physician I am excited that Dr. Siri Chand is now sharing her deep well of knowledge, experience and compassion with other clinicians so they may use Ayurvedic lifestyle practices to heal themselves and their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Siri Chand if you are a clinician feeling out of balance and in need of holistic changes to improve your wellbeing. She will be an insightful and kindhearted teacher on your journey toward a better you."         

Carolyn Barlow, D.O.
Board certified in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Care


Holistic Cancer Care Physician

"Siri Chand’s subtle understanding and sharing of these principles have served to enrich my soul both personally and professionally over the past 12 years, bringing a clarity to my life’s purpose and the art of practicing medicine to more fully support my patients unique healthcare needs and energetic balance." 

Lynn Crocker DO
Board Certified Internal Medicine
KOSA DAYA, Integrative Wellness Consulting and Design for Sustainable Health, Education & Life Practice Co-Creator of AKASHA: “Yoga•Meditation•Wellness• Elevation”


Hospitalist incorporating these practices in the acute care setting 

Welcome to A unique Transformational Journey

 1:1 and group Learning for Physicians

Our next 12-week cohort will be offered in February and space is quite limited. 
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