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for CLinicians 

Have you had an opportunity to learn about Ayurveda and felt an invitation to learn more? Perhaps even a notion that the concepts felt familiar?

From my own journey, I have created a program for clinicians to experience Ayurveda. If you who would like to become a pioneer at bridging modern medicine with this ancient science, join our community. 

The most comprehensive, immersive short term experiential program for CLINICIANS who would like to learn the origins of Lifestyle Medicine, Ayurveda. 



There is not enough bandwidth for you to dig into all the research to figure out what could else could be helpful for you and your patients.  

It is not clear what can help.

Epigenetic changes have started long before we "feel" it. 

Ignoring our own needs sets the stage for considerable imbalance.

We have been busy ignoring how to care for ourselves.

There is never enough time for self care.

tell me i'm wrong and you aren't feeling...

Using "mind over Matter" isn't  working anymore... we need Something novel

Are you feeling that the current model of how we support chronic disease isn't robust enough? This is a very real concern for empathic clinicians. However, for the average clinician with their family and practice responsibilities, has a hard time taking time off to learn Ayurveda full time for several years. AND though it can sound appealing, it is just not feasible. 

In the past, in your heart, there was something about Ayurveda that spoke to you. An inner whisper that woke up an innate awareness that healing might have a depth that was not covered in our overburdened medical curriculum. It takes time to understand how underequipped we are to teach people how to maintain their health.  As time has progressed, you want to know more, learn more, and experience more peace and health in your own life too. Fortunately, after I took many years off to study Ayurveda full time, I have now created a leaning model that helps you understand how to use the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to build health for yourself, your family and support your clients. 

Ayurvedic techniques have been explored over thousands of years and can benefit you now.

what they're saying

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"strong testimonial will go here, make sure you focus on their struggle and the benefits they experienced!"

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Susan G.

"strong testimonial will go here, make sure you focus on their struggle and the benefits they experienced!"

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Susan G.


When I started medical training, I learned: MIND over MATTER and PUSH THROUGH: push through needing to sleep; push through needing to eat; push through needing to pee; push through needing to connect; push through needing time off; push through emotions; push through needing exercise.

Ignoring bodily urges sets the stage for imbalance from an Ayurvedic perspective but how easy is it change habits? 

When I studied Ayurveda, I finally understood how to do this. I don't know a single clinician who has not at some point had the sense that they might be dealing with some degree of burnout and wondered how they might arrive through it. 

The Maslach Burnout Inventory gauges levels of burnout and defines it as a syndrome of: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment in one's work. And we see this in all the industries with our patients. 

Epigenetic patterns change when we have exhausted our resources and depleted our resilience. Over time, I started considering lifestyle based solutions to these subtle changes in about epigenetic mechanism because the institutional problems are shifting at a snail's pace, if at all.

What if healing is a different pathway from the way we learned or were exposed to?


By this, I mean what if managing our "matter" (our body) could provide more bandwidth to support our mind and the intensity of all the experiences that cross a clinician's and patient's path. Especially now. Honoring our need to move, eat, sleep, connect, and destress. To me this means, honoring our bodily urges, gauging our sense of purpose and looking at our daily lifestyle to provide nourishment.

Using just mindfulness for burnout, while practical, is like a swallow at the edge of a tornado. It can fly and perhaps avert disaster, but a massive force is just a wingspan away...

Ayurveda Offers Us An Effective Approach For Solving An Emerging Problem, Burnout... And When You Add These Techniques To Your Life, You Will Have More Resilience. 

I have found that empathic and intuitive clinicians  are also dealing with a particular type of fatigue. One they feel in their bones and from people around them. Connecting to a supportive community is a known element for creating health. And we make that a priority in the course with the emphasis on group connection.  


Where are you on this continuum?

Before I answer that, allow me to introduce myself.


Hi, I'm Dr. Siri Chand Khalsa, MD. MS.

I am quadruple board certified in Internal, Integrative, Lifestyle and Hospice Medicine. I most definitely enjoy learning. 

I have dedicated my entire adult life to discovering other routes of healing that include Ayurveda, Reiki, culinary medicine, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and creativity. This has been a life of discovery and I have guided hundreds of other physicians as a mentor since 2008 at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine.

I have been invited to conferences, recognized as an innovator, and thought of as a leader in the field of medicine.

While I couldn’t possibly know everything about integrative medicine and Ayurveda, I have dedicated a significant amount of time to learning as my primary focus. 

It has been a single point of focus for me for the last 30 years to understand healing in ways that acknowledges those who have come before us. I know A LOT—especially when it comes to finding new ways for clinicians to view their life and experience of healing as both a healer and in looking at themselves.

That's why I urge you to read this entire page all the way to the end--what I'm about to tell you,

I know that you may have thought, ‘There is no CME for this, it is not evidence based when it comes to medicine’, but what I told you is that there was evidence for it. Evidence based on thousands of years of study case by case, by case. That is now compiled and the basis from which modern lifestyle medicine has emerged. Please read this page to the end so that you can know and understand the healing power and capability of nature to nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

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next PROGRAM STARTS Spring 2024


What is the number one skill that leads to innovation in medicine?
The number one skill that leads to innovation is .... CURIOSITY.
When were you last curious?
When did you last ask a question that did not have a clearly defined answer?
When were you last interested in examining firmly held beliefs to allow for something new to emerge?

In the time I've spent in the last 30 years of formal education, I have dedicated my life to a non-traditional path. I took 3 years off to create my own fellowship in Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness. There are only a handful of medical doctors who have made this dedicated inquiry to understand in depth these other ancient systems of healing. I did not just dive in for a weekend CME. I've learned that with over 20 years in clinical practice, I have an advanced understanding of how to practically integrate a vast and complex whole-person healing system such as Ayurveda with modern paradigms that are practical, thoughtful, and helpful to explore in this time where we are all looking more closely at how precise a role epigenetics plays in our health.

Success isn't about flashy websites, quality, or even a well-organized corporate structure. We have lost common sense in medicine. No one would give me CME for this course. No one wanted to invest in a model where care would be focused first on wellness and daily habits. This is antiquated thinking. An era whose time has come and gone. An era that patients themselves want to see shift. I am not offering a system that I DEVELOPED, I am sharing about a system that I deeply embrace and have used in my own healing.

One of the primary places to look for evidence around the validity of Ayurveda is the growing field of Lifestyle medicine. Enter epigenetics. "Broadly stated, the field of epigenetics attempts to provide an evidence-based understanding of how internally (eg, thought, perception, feeling, nutrition, movement, sleep, stress) and externally (eg, social relationship, shift-work, pollutions, light, stressor) induced lifestyle and environmental factors change our biochemical landscape." (Lee, 2019) 

Thousands of years before modern paradigms, healers were closely observing the decisions that would walk them either away from health or towards health.

Clearly, everyone would love a personalized system of medicine, however the technology is just not there yet. What is there is a precursor system that would give you a blueprint of how to conceptualize future innovations. Ayurveda is that road map. Once I was learning it in depth, I realized that it was the treasure of a lifetime to have been given the time to sit in this knowledge.

Well, if you're like most Intuitive/empathetic visionary/pioneers, you're probably a life-long learner. You’ve gone to conferences to connect with others or started the online learning process. You’ve opted to continue in the educational journey.

Enter covid

With COVID, we have had to learn new paradigms. Especially when it comes to learning.  I made a hybrid learning environment where learners can connect with others in community AND learn foundational principles. This all occurs in a nurturing pace that explores the depth of self-healing found in Ayurveda. And it is outside of the watchful eye of your place of employment. 

Usually you will run into one of the following problems:

In this time post-COVID, clinicians have been pushed to the max. And the routines and elements we have been using are no longer working. While it is important to look at systemic issues in medicine and learn reframing techniques, we need more progressive, visionary solutions that open the door to new pathways of healing. New pathways that can drive innovation that looks at the whole person. Ayurveda can be a philosophic foundation from which innovation springs from. We can't fix the current problems with the same pathway that got us here. We need to explore and utilize ancient wisdom.

With current conventional paradigms, there is a paradigm that primarily focuses on treating disease once it has arrived. However, there are rich traditions that have investigated and explored how a daily routine can lead us to more depth of understanding about how all the small choices we make everyday can lead us towards health or away from health. True prevention is rooted in lifestyle choices. With the right knowledge, it is remarkable how very small adjustments can ultimately serve people in their health. Just as a ship leaving shore for a long journey will end up in an entirely different port with a small course correction, it is true that seemingly small steps implemented over time will lead to deep and lasting transformation. Ayurveda has an understanding of this at the body, mind, and spirit level.

If you wanted to study Ayurveda, most programs are several years long. And while that may ultimately be something you choose to do, you will benefit from my 30+ years of study and contemplation about what can be safely actionable in conventional practices. As clinicians are turning to self-care practices, new paradigms are emerging in really fascinating ways. 


Solutions exist but the world of Ayurveda is not well-known in the West. Many doctors do not know anything about it...

Of course, you could always learn Ayurveda from a book or in a yoga teacher training course or even take several years off from practice to go study...

However, that comes with its own set of problems:

Up until now, you might have felt discouraging to find a reasonable way to learn Ayurveda because are limited options to learn and practically understand the wisdom  in this beautiful healing system. 

These options include:

There's never been a really great mentorship option—an affordable, easy-to-use option. 

Fortunately, I've got a solution that does exactly that.

It's depressing, because up until now, it might have felt discouraging because there really have not been viable options to learn more and find the gems in this beautiful practice. 

These options include:

There's never been a really great mentorship option—an affordable, easy-to-use option. 

Fortunately, I've got a solution that does exactly that.

These could be reasonable short or long term solutions, but they are not always practical in situations such as time and expense of living away from home and away from work. As a clinician, your time and resources are probably already stretched with multiple commitments on your bandwidth. You may not have years to go and study with the recognized teachers. This was really clear to me when I took time off in 2011-2014. It was a long time to be away from clinical practice and I even had the concern that I might not be able to work again owing to regulations from malpractice. And reading about it in a book can be difficult to sort out because Ayurveda is really a living science passed from teacher to student. 

Ayurveda is not currently aligned with our legal "standards of care" and many of the current ayurvedic courses do not take into account the regulations that MDs, DOs, NPs, and PAs have around incorporating these principles into their practices. With the remarkably busy schedules that clinicians have, as well as other demands on their time, I know how difficult it is to research and find a program that feels like a good fit that really sees the unique circumstances that allopathic providers have.

Learning from a book that will always be limited because Ayurveda is a living science.

Purely ayurvedic practitioners will not understand the scope of regulations that allopathic providers have. 


Ayurveda Foundations for Vitality and Resiliency 

learn the foundations of Ayurveda

Ayurveda Foundation for Optimal Vitality and Resiliency is the only program of its kind created by an Integrative MD for clinicians who are dealing with fatigue of body, mind and spirit and what to become resilient and vital. 

The course can be a game-changing view on healing and health, even if you have never heard of Ayurveda. Learn to fine tune your empathic and intuitive nature by a medical system that embraces mind, body, and spirit will be so valuable.

Ayurvedic practitioners understood the value of building habits. Even if you feel you can’t create new habits, the course will take you through that journey first for yourself.

Even within the first few weeks, previous course participants have shared that their lives began to shift. With the experienital practices, we can let the mind and our thoughts reset and open doorways of awareness. That’s why I decided to offer this course. Now at this time, where we can have so much value.

But don't just take my word for it. Read the testimonials below from previous students. 

next PROGRAM STARTS Spring 2024


"Dr. Siri Chand is love and light. Her authenticity and ability to expand space with warmth and honesty and acceptance changed my life. She teaches meaningful connection and mindful living in a way that is accessible to everyone and applicable to all lives. She brings gratitude to us and teaches us to cultivate grace and gratitude in our own experiences and importantly, with ourselves. I feel nourished, lighter, and fuller after time spent with her and committed to being present and intentional in my life. I’m honored and grateful for Dr. Siri Chand. Jump in!" 

Lindsey Grandbois DO


Integrative Trained Radiologist 


Read what your colleagues have said about this innovative, restorative program: 

Dr Siri Chand’s Ayurveda Foundations for Physicians was not only a course on the principles of Ayurveda, but offered an experience of self-care and self-discovery.  Through a series of lectures and a well-designed syllabus, Dr. Siri Chand created both a clear and relevant summary of Ayurvedic philosophy, concepts and principles that were accessible to me, someone with little previous knowledge of Ayurveda. She thoughtfully created content and handouts that I still use to reinforce my learning!

 The experiential learning opportunities were my favorite part of the course. The Mindfulness, Cooking and Yoga live classes allowed for an embodied and deeper appreciation of the specific themes each week. The experts she invited to the course were exceptionally knowledgeable Ayurveda practioners. Several profound and beautiful insights emerged for me through these experiential sessions that helped me to envision what a balanced life might be for me. As I journey forward, I look forward to deepening the practices I have learned!

 As a clinician who has completed the Arizona Integrative Medicine fellowship, I was amazed at how this ancient science has so much overlap with integrative and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Siri Chand helped me apply an Ayurvedic lens to my practice, and I have since made changes that have brought renewed joy to my clinical work and have expanded the tools I offer to my patients.

 Dr. Siri Chand is a gem, a skilled teacher and mentor, with incredible intuition and a healing presence. I am truly grateful for this experience and the community she has created. I highly recommend it! NOW is the perfect time to take this course! 



Integrative Pediatrician 

"Dr. Siri Chand's Ayurveda Foundations course was an incredible journey of self reflection, realization and healing as well as community support from likeminded physicians who I met through this program. I’ve known Dr. Siri Chand for 15 years, and her passion for learning and using the principles of Ayurveda really shined in this course. We participated in yoga, mindfulness, live cooking classes, sensory experiences, lectures and group sharing. The breadth of knowledge we received was just the right amount, and I learned easy Ayurvedic tools to use for myself and my patients. I highly recommend this course if you are a clinician feeling out of balance and in need of holistic changes to improve your wellbeing. Dr. Siri Chand is a dedicated, insightful and kindhearted teacher who will leave you inspired to continue your journey toward a better you."        

Carolyn Barlow, D.O.
Board certified in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Care


Holistic Cancer Care Physician

"I highly recommend this Ayurvedic nutrition course. The course materials, syllabus, instructor and invited yoga therapists and speakers are all excellent. These practitioners are of the highest caliber. Yoga has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I also gained a greater appreciation of the complexity and varied benefits of Ayurvedic nutrition and how it can be applied to my clinical and personal practice. Ayurveda is time tested life style medicine with so much to teach us. Looking forward to learning more!"  

Maria R. Mascarenhas, MBBS
Pediatric Integrative gastroenterologist


Integrative Pediatric Gastroenterologist 

"This course in Ayurveda Foundations was transformative. It came at a time in my life where I really didn’t feel like I could fit anything else in. Between the pandemic, a busy clinical and academic practice, and kids at home... what.was.i. thinking ?! Taking on one more thing!

And yet, it was exactly what I needed. I did it for me, and I AM SO GLAD I DID!  SiriChand has curated the course in a way to make Ayurveda very palatable and understandable to the allopathic trained physician. And yet, it didn’t feel diluted or distilled in any way. I also loved that there was such an emphasis in self care. In addition to the didactic content, there were experiential activities to work on weekly or when we had the time. I also loved the yoga and the mindfulness sessions. Such a great way to fully embrace the full mind- body- spirit worldview on health. My favorites were the teaching kitchen classes: I loved learning the 6 tastes and having my family try out the new flavors and cuisines and ingredients (kid and hubby approved) that I normally would not have ventured out to try. 

In the course I found like minded people who were just as deeply curious about Ayurveda. The classmates in the class were a special group, and the connections made have continued to blossom even after the course ended. 

Almost 5 months later, I still often think of the course and all that we have learned. My patients are benefitting from some basic Ayurveda principles, and I am taking better care of myself. 

I can not recommend this course more highly!!!        

Ann Ming Yeh, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Program Director, Pediatric Integrative Medicine Fellowship
Stanford University

AnN mIng

pediatric Gastroenterologist 

“Siri Chand has an innate ability to combine ancient wisdom and modern medicine and engage with individuals in a unique and transformative way. She seamlessly provides education and individualized care while exemplifying best practices, allowing one to receive what good medicine should truly encompass.” 

Amy Ingersoll PA-C, MMS, FOMA
Obesity Medicine Specialist
Forte: Empowered well-BEing Center


Creating Her ideal Obesity Medicine practice 

12 weekly 60 min yoga classes that are intimately paired to the stage of curriculum we are at. Each class is taught by an experienced yoga teacher who has also done in depth exploration of Ayurveda. Once you take an Ayurvedic yoga class, you will never view it the same way.

12 weekly 60 min mindfulness classes. Each class is intimately connected with the principles of the course and provides a somatic experience of the theories we are exploring. Replays of the classes will be available.

12 weeks of Ayurvedic plant based cooking classes that will focus on meal planning, exploring new flavors and expanding your horizons on the Ayurvedic theories of nutrition. 

12 weekly two hour group sessions where we explore the principles from the week in more depth with coaching on the tools that help shift our day to day reality. Replays of the classes will be available.

An experiential self care box filled with activities each week that support wellness and vitality and are integrated from the course material. There are also samples from artisanal Ayurvedic makers who are sharing their small batch products.

12 weekly live lecture sessions where we review the principles for each week that bring a foundational knowledge of Ayurveda. 

To be invited into a growing community of healers practicing mind-body-spirit medicine.

The opportunity in 5 bonus sessions to interact with several Ayurvedic Vaidyas who are experts from their studies in India.

A personalized printed journal and recipe book that you can keep all your notes and reflections from this time in the course. 

With Ayurveda Foundations for Optimal Vitality and Resiliency, 

Next PROGRAM STARTS Spring 2024

+ Sundays 9 am PST 

+ Review the principles that we have been learning each week

+ Apply these principles with cases that we discuss 

+ Connect with a community of healers,  mystics and pioneers who see medicine in a holistic way. 

Section four

Group Connection 

+ Time TBD based on availability for Sunday afternoon or Wed 

+ Learn to create a functional plant-based kitchen 

+ Learn how to use Ayurvedic spices and flavors 

+ Discover new cooking techniques that I have been sharing over the last 30 years with patients and physicians in medical conferences.

Section three

COOKING and Meal Prep

+ Thursdays 7 am PST 

+ Taught by physicians and experts in Mindfulness and Self- Compassion

+ Bring the theories of Ayurveda deeper into your awareness as we explore the five senses and the role this has in your health and resilience. 

Section two


+ Saturdays 7 am PST

+ Replays available

+ Taught by physicians and experts in Ayurveda and YOGA

+ Taylored to each week of the class to help you incorporate new Ayurvedic theories in practical ways 

SEction one

YOGA Classes 

What happens each week.... 

Ayurveda Foundations with Dr. Siri Chand

As you can see...

Feel grounded and focused for what the day brings, which is needed now more than ever.

Focus and be intentional about your actions that are creative problem solving through managing our unique constitution our highest self can emerge.

Have new tools for understanding how lifestyle can be individualized.

Explore your Ayurvedic body care program with products that are included.

You can easily accomplish all these things with Ayurveda Foundation for Optimal Vitality and Resiliency.

The people above have had amazing results with Ayurveda Foundation for Optimal Vitality and Resiliency.

You can too.

Imagine what it would be like to easily add an Ayurvedic daily routine to your day and understand how to adjust your life in the present. Imagine a new view on the origins of health that you can use with your current base of wisdom and knowledge.

Imagine being able to...

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Class size is limited to allow for us to learn about each other, grow in community, and create a space of healing and awareness about our true nature.

Currently in medicine, we do not nurture our healers. We instead focus on what can be taken from them in all extremes. From no sleep, no food breaks, no bathroom breaks, to no vacations, we ask endlessly of our healers. When was the last time you served yourself with the same value you give to others? When was the last time you let someone love on you? This is not a program that requires tremendous intellectual bandwidth. Come show up and receive nourishment.

Do you want some of what you shower into others to be brought into your life? Do you want to feel energy that you have not felt in a long, long time? I have wanted this very path. Honestly, I was not sure I was going to find ‘the other side’ of exhaustion and existential pain. I walked each step of that journey with reverence that healing would always be available; however, I also needed to take the steps to walk into that life --into that reality.

Do you need a system that can help you conceptualize how to create individual care plans from a lifestyle standpoint? There can be so many points to jump off from. Each and every day offers us a unique opportunity to start anew. Just as other clinicians joined this program with uncertainty, it readily compliments the extreme demands on your time.

Are you looking for something different from how the last two years have been? Where it has been a time that is filled with a community of people who will not understand or judge your sensitivity. Empathic doctors and healthcare professionals who are healers and trained in integrative medicine have an added dimension to burnout. They are the visionaries in the system. This course nurtures that sensitivity in a way that conventional training does not dare to tread in.

With the Ayurveda Foundations Course, you will get weekly classes with expert guest instructors that will spark your imagination on healing. We have brought in healers and doctors who have taken non-traditional paths to create innovation. Each week you will have a yoga class, cooking class, meditation class, coaching sessions, a personalized journal, and an Ayurvedic experiential box filled with your very own samples from artisanal Ayurvedic makers and herbalists.

If you are a healer, you will find healing in this course.

Because your time is limited, you need a Mentorship solution that's quick and easy-to-use.

Ayurveda Foundations creates a platform where vitality can emerge, and it is based on the wisdom found in Ayurveda.

You don’t need to have a background in Ayurveda to apply the principles immediately. The course has been created for beginners. There are also options to go in more depth if you choose.

You don't need to take 2 years off from your practice to implement and receive the benefit of these ancient teachings. 

You don't even need to worry about drug herb interactions for client options as this course looks most closely at how powerful our lifestyle choices can be to create this!

As your guide, I will walk you through the steps to allow you to listen more deeply, create boundaries that you may not have been able to in the past, and expand your internal intuitive capacity.

With Ayurveda Foundations for resiliency, you will learn the Ayurvedic origins of vitality. As the sutra says, the purpose of Ayurveda is to protect the health of the healthy and return those who are sick to health.

There is an excellent option for clinicians to focus on the experience of Ayurveda and Yoga that brings it into a practical day to day relationship.

My time is remarkably limited, and I offer 1:1 coaching to people who have taken the Ayurveda course. From previous participants these sessions can be life changing and help set the course for career direction.

Bringing vitality back to your career will be an incredible investment at this time. However, it is not just about continuing to have a steady revenue stream, it is about also having the ability to continue to serve and achieve your life mission --to fulfill that inner calling that asks you to walk the path of a healer.

Ceppie Merry, MD.
Integrative and Infectious disease Medicine


Integrative, Lifestyle & INfectious Disease SPECIALIST 

"Siri Chand has a created a delightful yet comprehensive course in Ayurveda specifically designed for allopathic physicians. She is a wonderful teacher and she has a team of experts that accompany the course from beginning to end. She brings practices in addition to the mental work we are so used to in medicine to show concepts and even demystifies cooking Ayurvedically. I learned a lot in this course and have reached the goal of using Ayurvedic concepts in my daily life. She is a wealth of knowledge delivered in small yet packed punches of calm and beauty. Highly recommended!"

Vivian Suarez MD


Holistic Neurologist 

"Siri Chand's palpable mission to share her love and knowledge of Ayurveda and food and medicine paired with her keen ability to support one's passionate pursuit of life defines her as a true healer." 

Kerilyn BollmanN MD
Internal Medicine
Creator Vital Medicine for the Soul


Grew her integrative medicine practice

"Siri Chand’s subtle understanding and sharing of these principles have served to enrich my soul both personally and professionally over the past 12 years, bringing a clarity to my life’s purpose and the art of practicing medicine to more fully support my patients unique healthcare needs and energetic balance." 

Lynn Crocker DO
Board Certified Internal Medicine
KOSA DAYA, Integrative Wellness Consulting and Design for Sustainable Health, Education & Life Practice Co-Creator of AKASHA: “Yoga•Meditation•Wellness• Elevation”


Hospitalist incorporating these practices in the acute care setting 

Yes. It is for all clinicians. This course is geared towards female physicians where we will be looking into Ayurveda not only to impact our life, but the life of our patients in our relative medical practices. We'll have case studies we explore and geek out on all things medicine and share with our different practice backgrounds. 

can i sign up even if i'm not a physician?

Yes!! Along with all the virtual classes, there will be a workbook pdf that includes all the recipes, course materials, and syllabus. We've done all the thinking for you, so you don't have to! If you would like to see the syllabus prior to starting, please send an email to and I can provide a copy of it to you. 

There's so much here, Will there by a Syllabus?

All of the sessions will be recorded and archived on the teaching platform for you to access at your own time and in your own pace. With that said, a core part of this course is experiential and community oriented. My hope is for you to attend as much "live" especially the group lecture where we'll break out into breakout sessions and apply the principles we talk about.  

What if I can't attend all the sessions?

Yes!!! This is a foundational study of Ayurveda. No prior knowledge about Ayurveda is necessary. We'll go over the basic principles in our group class and how to incorporate it into your life. 

I Don't know anything about Ayurveda, Can i Still Join??

Have Questions? I've got answers.

next PROGRAM STARTS Spring 2024

I love to talk to you personally about the program! 


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